Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moving on: a new blog (and bunny update)

Every time I look at my blogger dashboard, I feel a little badly that I never wrapped this blog up.  But having gone more than a year without posting here, it's time, isn't it? 

I did recently start a new blog, though, with a narrow focus: a daily tracking of my consumer habits. How much did I spend on food, entertainment, household items, clothes...Was my food locally grown?  How far did I drive?  Do my purchases reflect my values?  Could I do better?  I've only been doing this for a few weeks, but so far I'm finding it interesting.

Before I leave, I wanted also to let you know that my sick rabbit, Yogi, is still with me and happier than he's ever been.  He didn't make a complete recovery--he still holds his head to the side--but he's able to run around the bedroom, doesn't require any special care and has bonded with my other rabbit, Cleo, who dotes on him. 

Thanks for reading.  And I hope you'll follow me at http://www.whatibought.blogspot.com/